2011 Yunnan SearchingTea Classic Yellow “Lao Man’e Old Arbor Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake


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Spring 2011 harvested tea leaves that are 100% sourced from Lao Man’E Village (Bu Lang Mountains) tea from old plantation trees and bushes.

Being pure Lao Man’e, this tea is quite bitter. Not only is there bitterness, but there is a strong aroma and very strong cha qi. The tea leaves are burly and thick and go through many, many infusions before losing their flavor. The returning flavor is that of sweetness with a nice, slippery, soothing texture. Brewn tea is highly aromatic and cools the mouth and throat.  There is a thickness to it and a bitterness that immediately transforms in nectar-like sweetness.  Cha Qi is strong but pleasant and energizing.

If you are looking to understand what pure Lao Man’e tea is while also not being crazy expensive, then this is something worth trying. If you are looking for something to age for the long term as an alternative or complement to Lao Ban Zhang, then Lao Man’e is a natural choice!

Net Weight:  357 grams per cake (7 cakes per bamboo leaf tong)

Total Production amount:  65 kilograms

Wrapper Design by SearchingTea Factory

Stone-pressed in the traditional way.

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