Green Tea

Yunnan Green tea, although less recognized beyond China’s borders, has been an integral part of life in Yunnan and throughout China for many years. Yunnan benefits from numerous warm tropical and sub-tropical climates conducive to tea cultivation, resulting in tea production equivalent to that of the entire rest of China combined. While tea can thrive year-round, it’s typically left untouched during the winter months from mid-October to late February. The initial harvest of Yunnan green teas usually occurs in the final week of February, immediately following Chinese New Year.

Yunnan green tea encompasses a wide array of varieties, with the majority being hybrids rooted in the “large-leaf” Assamica native to the region. This Assamica strain imparts robust flavor and astringency to Yunnan green teas, enabling multiple infusions compared to their northeastern counterparts (such as Dragon Well, Tai Ping Hou Kui, or Huang Shan Mao Jian).

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